Has Arkansas Ever Beat Alabama in Football: A Detailed Analysis

When was the last time Arkansas beat Alabama?

Arkansas last beat Alabama on September 23, 2006, with a score of 24-23. This victory marked the only win for the Razorbacks against the Crimson Tide in the past few decades.

What is the overall record between Arkansas and Alabama?

The overall record between Arkansas and Alabama is heavily in favor of the Crimson Tide. As of now, Alabama leads the series with a dominating 22-8-0 record against the Razorbacks.

What was the most memorable game between Arkansas and Alabama?

One of the most memorable games between Arkansas and Alabama took place in 2010 when the Crimson Tide narrowly defeated the Razorbacks with a score of 24-20. This game showcased the competitiveness and talent of both teams.

How have recent matchups between Arkansas and Alabama been?

In recent years, Alabama has been dominant in their matchups against Arkansas. The Crimson Tide have consistently outperformed the Razorbacks, leading to a one-sided series between the two teams.

What factors contribute to Alabama’s dominance over Arkansas?

  • Alabama’s strong recruiting classes
  • Exceptional coaching staff
  • Consistent performance in the SEC

Are there any upsets in the history of Arkansas vs. Alabama?

While Arkansas has had limited success against Alabama, there have been instances of upsets in their history. The 2006 victory by the Razorbacks over the Crimson Tide stands out as a significant upset in their series.

How do fans of Arkansas view the rivalry with Alabama?

Arkansas fans see the rivalry with Alabama as a tough challenge but also an opportunity to showcase their team’s talent and determination. Despite the odds, Razorback fans remain passionate and hopeful for future victories against the Crimson Tide.

What are the key matchups to watch for in future Arkansas vs. Alabama games?

Future matchups between Arkansas and Alabama will be exciting to watch, with both teams aiming for success in the SEC. Key matchups to look out for include battles between star players, strategic coaching decisions, and intense on-field action.

In conclusion, the rivalry between Arkansas and Alabama in football has been characterized by Alabama’s dominance in the series. While the Razorbacks have had moments of success, the Crimson Tide have maintained a strong record against them. Despite the challenges, both teams continue to compete fiercely, creating memorable moments and exciting matchups for fans to enjoy.