How to Fight a DUI in California

When facing a DUI charge in California, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of what steps to take next. However, there are several strategies you can use to fight a DUI charge and potentially reduce or dismiss the charges against you.

What are the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limits in California?

In California, the legal BAC limit for drivers over 21 years old is 0.08%. For drivers under 21, the limit is 0.01%. If your BAC is above these limits, you can be charged with a DUI.

What are the potential consequences of a DUI in California?

If convicted of a DUI in California, you may face consequences such as fines, license suspension, mandatory alcohol treatment programs, and even jail time. Additionally, a DUI conviction can result in increased insurance rates and a permanent criminal record.

Can you refuse a chemical test in California?

While you have the right to refuse a chemical test in California, doing so can lead to an automatic license suspension. However, refusing a chemical test may make it more difficult for the prosecution to prove your guilt in court.

Should you hire a DUI attorney to fight your case?

Hiring a DUI attorney can greatly increase your chances of successfully fighting a DUI charge in California. An experienced attorney can review the evidence against you, identify potential defenses, and represent you in court to protect your rights.

What are common defenses against a DUI charge in California?

Some common defenses against a DUI charge in California include challenging the legality of the traffic stop, the accuracy of field sobriety tests, and the reliability of chemical test results. Additionally, lack of probable cause and improper police procedures can also be used as defenses.

Is it possible to plea bargain a DUI charge in California?

In some cases, it may be possible to plea bargain a DUI charge in California to a lesser offense, such as reckless driving. This can result in reduced penalties and help avoid some of the more severe consequences of a DUI conviction.

What is the process for fighting a DUI in California?

The process for fighting a DUI in California typically involves attending court hearings, submitting evidence, and potentially negotiating with the prosecution. It is important to work closely with your DUI attorney to navigate the legal process and build a strong defense.

Overall, fighting a DUI charge in California can be a complex and daunting process. By understanding the legal procedures, knowing your rights, and seeking the assistance of a skilled DUI attorney, you can increase your chances of a successful outcome in your case.