Is 5 Tint Illegal in California?

Yes, having a 5% tint on your vehicle is illegal in California. The state law requires that vehicles have a minimum of 70% light transmittance on the front side windows, and only 88% light transmittance is allowed on the rear side and back windows. Any tint levels below these thresholds are considered illegal and can result in citations or fines.

Q: What are the legal tint limits in California?

In California, the legal tint limits for vehicles are as follows:

  • Front side windows: 70% light transmittance
  • Rear side windows: 70% light transmittance or no less than 88% light transmittance with aftermarket tint film
  • Back window: 70% light transmittance or no less than 88% light transmittance with aftermarket tint film

Q: What are the consequences of having illegal tint in California?

If you are found to have illegal tint on your vehicle in California, you may face the following consequences:

  1. Being pulled over by law enforcement
  2. Receiving a citation or ticket
  3. Being required to remove the illegal tint
  4. Having to pay a fine

Q: Can you get a medical exemption for tint in California?

Yes, there is a provision in California law that allows for medical exemptions for tint. However, this exemption must be approved by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and only applies to certain medical conditions that require reduced exposure to sunlight.

Q: Are there any tint exceptions in California?

Yes, there are a few exceptions to the tint laws in California. These include:

  • Vehicles with factory-installed tinted windows that meet the legal limits
  • Specialty vehicles, such as limousines, that are legally allowed to have darker tint
  • Vehicles with aftermarket tint film that meets the legal limits on light transmittance

Q: How can I check if my tint is legal in California?

You can check if your tint is legal in California by using a tint meter, which measures the amount of light that passes through the tinted windows. If the meter shows that your tint falls within the legal limits of light transmittance, then it is considered legal.

Q: Is it worth getting tint if it’s illegal in California?

While tint can provide several benefits, such as reducing glare and blocking UV rays, it is not worth the risk of getting illegal tint in California. It is important to adhere to the state’s laws and regulations to avoid fines, citations, or other consequences.

Q: Can I appeal a tint citation in California?

If you receive a citation for illegal tint in California, you may have the option to appeal the citation. You can follow the instructions on the citation to request a hearing to contest the citation and present any evidence or documentation to support your case.

In conclusion, it is essential to comply with California’s tint laws to avoid any legal issues or penalties. Make sure to understand the regulations and limits for window tinting in the state to ensure that your vehicle is in compliance with the law.