What is the Zip Code in Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona has a variety of zip codes that cover different areas within the city.

Where is Phoenix located?

Phoenix is located in the state of Arizona, in the southwestern United States.

How many zip codes are there in Phoenix?

Phoenix has a total of 123 unique zip codes that cover various neighborhoods and areas within the city.

What are some of the zip codes in Phoenix?

  • 85003 – Downtown Phoenix
  • 85032 – North Phoenix
  • 85053 – Northwest Phoenix
  • 85086 – Northeast Phoenix

Which zip code covers the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport?

The main zip code for Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is 85034.

What is the most populous zip code in Phoenix?

The zip code 85032, located in North Phoenix, is one of the most populous zip codes in Phoenix.

Are there any zip codes in Phoenix that are known for luxury living?

Zip code 85018, which covers areas like Arcadia and Camelback East Village, is known for its upscale and luxury living options.

Which zip code covers the Arizona State University campus in Phoenix?

Zip Code Neighborhood
85004 Downtown Phoenix and ASU Campus

In conclusion, Phoenix, Arizona has a diverse range of zip codes that cater to the various neighborhoods and areas within the city, each with its own unique characteristics and amenities.